Who is Youngin’Certified..

Youngin’Certified is a music group built around young intellectual entrepreneurs representing every city across the state of New Jersey. We make music for any and every individual who can relate to struggle and hardship. The goal is to motivate the youth to strive for excellence day in and day out. We are not only being noticed for starting this trend, we also want to help our community and come together. #stopshooting 

 We sell MUSIC, INSTRUMENTALS, CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES and LYRICS as well. For serious inquiries youngincertified@gmail.com Thank you for visiting our website. We believe in you.

Tilt Chamberlain

Tilt Chamberlain (born December 15, 1991) is the co-founder and CEO of Young and Certified Music. Tilt grew up in Newark, New Jersey and his music reflects what he has been through. He introduced his younger brother Kaz Novah to the Hip Hop game a few years ago. Since then their loyalty lies with each other, they plan on coming up in this industry together. You can follow him @tilt2bad

Kaz Novah


Kaz Novah (born July 21,1992) is an American music artist born in Newark, New Jersey. Kaz is a tri-langual African American who picked up two languages while spending some of his years in Morocco. He is the co-founder and CEO of Young and Certified Music. Kaz is known for his frequent collaborations with his older brother Tilt Chamberlain. The two of them started in poverty after the separation of their parents. They are doing whatever it takes for their family to see better days. You can follow Novah @Kaz_Novah